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A NDOLA local court has ordered three brothers to pay their grandmother K200 each for accusing her of practising witchcraft.

This is in a case in which Joyce Malama 70 of Maria Chimona has dragged Vaidi Tindi 26 Christopher Tindi 24 and Benson Tindi 20 to court for accusing her of practicing witchcraft.
Malama narrated before Kabushi Local Court Senior presiding magistrate Agnes Muswema sitting with Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya that one of her grandsons had been sick, his private parts were swollen for some time.

She said she would spend nights at the hospital looking after him together with his mother but he later died some months.
Malama said she visited the funeral house on her way back from church where she found a certain lady talking about witchcraft.

It was at that point that her daughter in-law told her that she was not welcome at the funeral house and she left.
“After burial, my grandsons came to my house and found me fetching water and told me that I had killed their brother and that they were going to burn me alive in my house because I was a witch,” she said.

They then insisted that she accompanied them to the funeral house but she refused and asked them to talk to his son first.
Ms Malama said the three of them started threatening her to saying they were going to kill her before she ‘finished eating them’.

In defense the three brothers denied accusing their grandmother of practicing witchcraft.
They said they were shocked that she brought them to court over an issue that they would have solved as family members.
The however court ordered the three brothers to compensate their grandmother with K200 each for tarnishing her name in society.

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