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IT is said that the best way to predict the future is by creating it. Meaning that your destiny isn’t written in the stars, nor will luck and chance be the ones who say where you should be, it is your responsibility to create the future you want for yourself. This is also true with the future of your children. You shouldn’t expect a blow that will change their lives when you least expect it if you have not created it. Yes you can’t predict the future of your children, but it’s your job to create one that is wonderful for them and for you.
As a parent, one of your most important responsibilities is to prepare your children for adult life. As they grow and develop, you need to sow the seed of self reliant in them. In the name of care, love and affection, many parents simply forget that they could raise children, who are incapable of performing their own tasks, if they go on doing work for them. Many parents are notorious for over protecting their children. Here I am not advocating for negligence. As a parent you must protect your children from harm whether physically or emotionally. But what I am trying to say is that you must not be over protective.
I know that it is in most parents to be over protective. Parents tend to finish their children’s homework to protect them from a teacher’s scolding. Parent chose what to wear for their children for that shouldn’t be embarrassed when they go out to their friends. I think if you are doing that it is not entirely bad, but it’s time that you must start stepping aside, understand that you can’t be with them every time, everywhere, so they must start to learn to defend themselves and take decisions. Resist yourself from the temptation of saving your children at each step. It will turn out to be a big help for your children. This attitude of overprotection is counterproductive and negative, it may spoil your children and make them over-reliant and extra dependent on you.
It is developmentally appropriate for your children to become more and more self reliant and responsible as they age. I know it can be challenging at times for parents to know when to step back and let your children try something on their own. Striking a balance between allowing your children to do task for themselves and helping them when they seem to need or want your help is a difficult thing for most parents. But you need to know it, this balance allows your children to thrive because they feel more confident in themselves while still feeling supported and properly motivated by you.
One important thing you must know is that your children are relying on you to teach them how to approach the world. This can mean two things. The first one is that they have to watch you to learn how to approach the task. The second one is that you watch them from the sidelines and encourage them to figure it out on their own. You can’t expect your children to be independent if you have not taught them to be independent or you can’t expect your children to be hard-working if you have not sown seeds of hard-working in them. The ball is in your court like it is normally said. You have to make a move and start building a beautiful future for your children. However, remember that building a splendid and bright future for your children is not a day’s work; even God didn’t create the world within hours. So think about it, go ahead and start creating the future you want for your children today; you never know if tomorrow will be too late.
Part of being a good parent is to know when to step in and when to give your children some space. Remember that successful people advocate for themselves. So step back when the time is the right time and let your child step up. Create the great future for children by sowing the seed of self reliant in them today; you never know if tomorrow may be too late.

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