Old Ng’ombe residents appeal for bridge

Written by on March 5, 2019

RESIDENTS of Lusaka’s Old Ng’ombe compound have appealed to the area councilor to work on the bridge, which has become impassable because most of it has been washed by the rains posing a danger to the lives of people in the community. 

The residents told the Sun during an on the spot interview that despite the numerous reports the bridge was getting worse by the day.  

One of the residents Lloyd Hangoma said Dale One Bridge said the bridge was in a very bad state and needed urgent attention before lives could be lost especially those of the children.

“The bridge is a death trap and we do not even know our councilor if he is alive or dead because every day the bridge gets worse especially during the rains but nothing is being done. The bridge has become impassable because most of it has been washed away,

“We have not seen our councilor and in short we can just conclude that the councilor is dead because we have not seen him for a long time,” he said.

And other resident Evans Chishimba said they had witnessed a number of cars fall into the drainage due to the poor state of the bridge.

Mr Chishimba said not only did the vehicles fall in the bad drainage but also children were victims especially during the rainy season adding that some residents had even developed a habit of throwing garbage in the drainage.      

“We have had incidents were vehicles fall in the drainage and the people who come to help remove the car from it also steal from the owners of the vehicles things like phones, spare parts and wallets among others,” said Mr Chishimba.

 Mr Chishimba said the drainage had rapidly expanded because of soil erosion and some homes had been abandoned because was it was not safe for the people any more.

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