Girl gets paid £6,000 to wipe bum of man each time he uses the toilet

Written by on March 3, 2019

NOTTINGHAM -The things we hear these days are unbelievable, really unbelievable!

A university student in the U.K, Katarina, revealed that a man in his 60s helped fund her education by giving her a 6000 pounds / 1.8 million naira stipend monthly – just to wipe his bum.

According to Katarina, the bizarre relationship was worth it because it gave her financial freedom. It helped the 23 year old Nottingham Trent student take care of her education at Uni.

Nottinghamshire Live says Katarina had more than 20 sugar daddies in three years, though she says the strangest was the man in his 60s who asked her to frequently wipe his bum.

“He was giving me a £4000 allowance each month and it was a long-term arrangement.

“He had a real kink for me wiping him after he used the toilet, but obviously the money was worth it,” she said.

In her own words;

“It would be really naive to say you can find a sugar daddy that will give you money in exchange for a friendship or just company – that’s a misconception.

“You know you have to be ready to be intimate with these men, whether he’s in his early 30s or 60 plus.

“It was always difficult to make ends meet and it was an everyday struggle on top of uni work, family problems – all these things I have to think about. Money was a factor that was triggering my mental health and making it worse.

“Straight away it hit me, it was very real, men started messaging me talking about the details of arrangements and it seemed like there was so much to learn.”

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