Cheeky Zim baboons checked

Written by on March 2, 2019

A SIGH of relief has returned to Kariba Town in Zimbabwe after the authorities moved in to relocate troops  of notorious baboons that have been terrorising residents.

That country’s wildlife authority, the ZIMPARKS has so far removed and relocated more than 400 baboons from residential areas.

But players in the tourism sector cautioned against the move saying the primates had for years stayed in harmony with the residents and played a vital role in attracting tourists to the area.

ZIM parks spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo confirmed the development and said that the relocation exercise was aimed at getting rid of all problematic baboons from residential areas.

The move came following numerous complaints from the residents in the town about the havoc caused by the baboons caused after invading the area to steal food from people’s homes and destroying property in the process.

“We are very happy with this move because these baboons have been terrorizing our kids, stealing from us and destroying our properties, as early as 5 am they make a lot of noise causing us sleeplessness in the morning,” one of the residents said

Last month called on their Government to relocate some of the baboons after a heavily pregnant woman in Nyamhunga suburb was chased by a troop of baboons as she walked home from antenatal clinic, thinking she was hiding food in her dress.

According to the Zimbabwean law, ZIM Parks was empowered section 93 of SI 362 of 1999 and Parks Act section 42 to kill or relocate wildlife if it became threat to human life, or resorted to destruction of properties and crops.

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