Solwezi man jailed 3 months for contempt

Written by on March 1, 2019

A SIXTY-TWO year old man of Kawama compound in Solwezi has been jailed for three months with hard Labour for not honouring the judgment passed by the local court.

Edward Kankomba, security guard of Cheif Musele’s chiefdom security guard was divorced by Beatrice Lumpuma and fined with a K3, 000 for failing to support 5 children they both had and 7 others from outside their marriages.

Lumpuma told Magistrate Davis Kyanuwela sitting with Magistrate Jonathan Maluti at the local court that Kankomba for the past 2 months they had been divorced he has never paid the K300 he was ordered to pay in installments.

“I have business plans for the money when I receive it. That is going to be a way to fend for my kids “, she said.

She said that life had never been easy but if he paid the K600 and penalty K200 it would make a difference.

The court granted divorce with the compensation of K3, 000 broken down to K300 monthly payments which he failed to follow.

The court then jailed him to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour.

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