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A woman has told a local court that she stopped sleeping with her husband because he had contracted a sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) elsewhere.
She also complained that her husband spends night away and on return he would come with other women’s underwear in his bag.
This is in a case where Christabel Maliki 34, has sued her husband Sunday Sichone 47 for divorce.
Ms Maliki said her husband started sleeping out and whenever he travelled he would come back with women’s pants in his bag and would lie that he thought they were was hers.
“At one point he was sick while I was at the market and just told me that his blood pressure was high. But when I went to the hospital and asked the doctor why he was not being discharged, the doctor said he had sexually transmitted infections and that was why he was not being discharged,” she said.
She said from that time, she stopped sleeping with him as she did not want to contract STDs.
The case came before Kabushi local court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye sitting with Evelyn Nalwizya.
Ma Maliki narrated that her husband was a jealousy man and that he orchestrated her being fired from work at Quick Save Butcheries.
She added that he also accused her of practising witch craft.
The two got married in 2012 and have two children.
“My husband does not allow me to start a business or even going for work but it’s a challenge now that he is not working,” she said.
She said whenever she wanted to start a business, her husband would always accused her of seeing another man.
“I was called for interviews at Quick Save and was put on probation for three months. My husband did not like that and he decided to go at my work place where he lied and said many things to my supervisor,” she said.
Thereafter, she said, she received a call from her work place and was informed that she had been placed on hold and when she told her husband, he started laughing.
In his defence, Mr Sichone said he was not against his wife working, but that the problem was that she used to knock late and usually arrived home around 21:00 hours.
He said the only reason he went at her work place was to enquire from her supervisor the exact time she normally knocked off from work.
Mr Sichone said his wife did not trust him and always found means to argue with him and suspected that he was cheating.
Mr Sichone said the only reason he told his family members that she was a witch was because he found charms in the house.
He said she just came back one day and packed all her stuff and left the house.
In passing judgment, the court dissolved the marriage on grounds that there was no trust and that the husband was jealousy to the extent that he did not want to see his wife excel in life.
The court ordered Mr Sichone to compensate his former wife K6000 and K500 per month for child maintenance.

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