Return household goods, woman told

Written by on February 26, 2019

Rabecca Banda writes


The boma local court has ordered a Lusaka woman to return household goods to her former lover.

Helen Mwanza,19, of Linda compound was sued by her former lover James Tembo,21, a business man also of Linda compound for restriction of his households goods.

Tembo explained that he had travelled out of Lusaka and left his lover and child in the house.

Tembo said he stayed in Chipata for five months and decided to invite his lover to go and stay with him.

“I called the mother to my lover to send her daughter to come and stay with me but she did not come,” Tembo said.

“Then I decided to come back and found my lover with another man in my house. She claimed he was only charging his phone,” Tembo said.

“The next day, when I returned from where I had gone, I found that she took all the household goods from the house,”Tembo said.

“I went to the police to report her and was advised to take the matter to court,” Tembo said.

“When I asked her about the house goods , she insulted me and said she would not return the items,” Tembo said.

“I trusted her but she took everything from the house including my clothes and I want the court to help me recover the households she is keeping ,”Tembo said.

“Most importantly I insist she returns my bed and mattress because I worked very hard to buy it,” Tembo said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Gaston Kalala.

In her defense, Mwanza said she took the household goods because her lover chased her out of the house.

“When my lover returned, he said he didn’t want me anymore and asked me to leave his house because he had found another woman he wanted to marry,”Mwanza said.

“My lover kept telling me that to leave his house, he even threatened to kill me if I did not leave,”Mwanza said.

“I took the household goods because he didn’t want me anymore,”Mwanza said.

The court ordered the woman to retain the household goods bought by her lover because they were not married but cohabiting.

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