Foot and mouth breaks out in Monze

Written by on February 26, 2019



GOVERNMENT is to procure vaccines to undertake vaccination of cattle to curb the foot and mouth disease that has broken out in Monze district, says Fisheries and Livestock Minister Kampamba Chewe.

Ms Chewe said the outbreak of the disease had put over thousands head of cattle in the area at risk with some of the animals quarantined at Ufwenuka Veterinary camp.

In an interview, Ms Chewe who confirmed the outbreak said the disease could have been introduced to Monze through illegal movement of infected animals from Chisamba district.

The Minister however said that the veterinary department had quarantined the area and banned the movement of animals and animal products in and out of the affected area.

“Yes, we have received reports of foot and mouth disease in Monze district. But as government, we are not sitting idle, we have already dispatched officials from veterinary department which is currently conducting surveillance to determine the extent of spread of the disease,

“All the affected animals would be destroyed to limit the spread and government will soon procure vaccines to undertake vaccination of cattle in the surrounding area,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chisamba district veterinary officer Allan Lianzambi said that the disease that recently broke out in the district had affected over 180 cattle

Dr Lianzambi said his team has since moved in to vaccinate the cattle and that 300 animals had since been vaccinated, adding that over 11,000 animals were earmarked for vaccination in the district.

He however said no animal had died so far from the disease that had affected mainly dairy animals.

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