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Written by on February 22, 2019

ROAD Transport Safety Agency (RTSA) Chirundu station manager Mukuzo Ngwane has cautioned motorists to be careful when driving on the roads.

In an interview, Mr. Ngwane said it is an offence for a person who is below the age of 18 and an unlicensed driver to drive on public roads.

He said in Zambia a person can only acquire a driver’s license when they attain the age of 18.

Mr. Ngwane added that in case a person is above 18, they should not drive without a license.

He explained that if a person does not have the license then they should be accompanied by a licensed and experienced driver.

Mr. Ngwane said if one is found driving without a driver’s licence they risk to be fined K300.

He has also advised people who have sold their motor vehicles to others to quickly change ownership and avoid being penalized when an offence is committed by the person who bought their vehicle.

Mr Ngwane has further advised the public to be road smart by reporting all careless drivers to his office with evidence of the accused person’s registration number for easy tracking down of the offender.

In the recent past Chirundu district has experienced hit and run road accidents.

He further said his office is open to all and that all services provided in Lusaka by RTSA are  also offered in Chirundu. He said there is no need for people to spend more money by traveling to other places for similar services.

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