Virginity damage costs man K7,000

Written by on February 21, 2019

Rabecca Banda writes

A Lusaka man has been charged K7,000 penalty fee for deflowering a girl.

Max Simukonda,22, of Ngombe compound was sued by Jane Zulu, 37, of Misisi compound for deflowering her daughter aged 19 .

Zulu explained that from the time  her daughter was deflowered in 2018, the man has not paid anything.

“We called the man and charged him K14,000 for damage and marriage all together,” Zulu said.

“After that we called his family several times for them pay the money but they did not come,” Zulu said.

“My daughter went on her own to stay with him but he abandoned her and the child in the house he was renting,” Zulu said.

“He had promised to come and get my daughter back to stay with him, but until now he has not,” Zulu said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Gaston Kalala.

In his defense, Simukonda confessed that he deflowered the girl and was charged K14,000 for damage and marriage all together.

“I spoke to the grandparent of the girl that I did not have money to pay the K14,000 because I am not working,” Simukonda said.

“After one month, I was surprised that the grandmother brought the girl to my house to stay with me and pay the money later,” Simukonda said.

 The court ordered the man to pay K7,000 virginity damage.

8. Trial continues.

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