‘Hubby knifed wife’

Written by on February 21, 2019


A WOMAN and her husband have narrated before the Solwezi High Court how they found their daughter allegedly stabbed with a knife in the neck by their son-in-law.

This is in a case in which Gilbert Mofya, 24, is charged with one count of murder.

Particulars of offence are that on July 27, 2018, Mofya murdered his wife Helen Shikishi, 16, around 23:00 hours in Kyawama Compound in Solwezi.

The deceased’s mother Constance Yumbe said on July 25, 2018 she heard her daughter and the accused arguing loudly and the argument led to a fight that she and the neighbours went to stop.

Ms. Yumbe said before Judge Isaac Kamwendo that she pulled her daughter out of the fight and took her to her house because they lived in the same compound while the accused went back in his house and started damaging property.

She said her daughter told her that Mofya had come home drunk and started fighting with her for no reason.

The witness said after staying with the deceased for two days, on July 27, 2018 around 23:00 hours she heard her talking on the phone to somebody she claimed was the accused and that he was not saying anything sensible.

Ms. Yumbe said she told her daughter to stop making noise because her father wanted to sleep and she needed to prepare for church the following day.

She said she heard some snoring in the room the deceased slept then later heard screams and rushed there only to find her daughter kneeling in a pool of blood.

And the deceased’s father Evaristo Kakoma said he saw a knife stabbed in his daughter’s neck from the right side through to the left; and noticed that the window below which she knelt was open.

Mr. Kakoma said he peeped through the darkness with hope of seeing the perpetrator but it was too dark for him to see.

He said he then called his sister, who lived in the same compound, and they took the victim to Urban Clinic where she died and her body was later taken to Solwezi General Hospital mortuary.

He said Mofya disappeared and only resurfaced on August 3, 201

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