Soldier who paraded wife’s pants divorced

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A SOLDIER of Lusaka West who had a bad habit of throwing his wife’s pants outside the house each time they quarrelled has been divorced in the Boma Local court after staying in marriage for 14 years.

Brenda Ngoma, 36, of Lusaka West who has sued her soldier husband Alick Chilembe, 44 told Senior Local Court Magistrate Freda Mugala that she was only happy for the first 3 years of her marriage.

Ngoma told the court that she got married to Chilembe in December, 2001 and they have 3 children between them.

“Aba abalume bandi problem bakwata ngabanwa, balantuka, balasenda nabana bonse bantukila pa bana, ukubeba ati na mummy benu chipuba tanakwata amano, noku posaika utuputula twandi, abana naba naka uku mona utuputula twandi,”

“The problem with my husband is when he gets drunk, he insults me, he calls all my children and begin insults me in front of them, and tells them ‘your mother is a fool and she is dull’ and starts throwing my pants around, my children are tired of seeing my pants,” Ngoma said

She also told the court that her husband also throws her clothes outside when he is upset with her.

She also told the court that her children always hide when their father comes home because he shouts at them and beats them a lot.

“One time I was not around but my sister was home. My second born asked her father for books and he beat her up, I’m the one who bought books for her, I’m the one who buys books and shoes for my children, sometimes I don’t even see my husband’s salary” Ngoma said.

“When my relatives came home so that we could sit down and talk, he told them that I am a fool and if they want they can take me with them, and that is how he left,” Ngoma said.

In defence Chilembe said he never refused to pay for his child’s fees.

He also told the court that problems in their marriage started after they lost their first born daughter in 2002.

“Always ngana fumapo ninshi nafuma kubanakashi, lyonse fye, one incident elyo naishile 22:00 hours ukufuma ku mess, balifulwile, the following day baisafumapo, after 3 days bali bwela na canter baisa muku senda yonse katundu munganda,”

“All the times I leave home she always accused me of coming from seeing females, one incident was when I came home around 22:00hrs from the ZAF mess, she got upset and left home the following day. After 3 days she came back with a truck and got all the things in the house,” Chilembe said.

He then told the court that it would be better for him and his wife to divorce because there was no understanding and did not live in harmony.

The court granted the couple divorce and Ngoma was given custody of the children which he said should be supported by Chilembe without fail.

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