Food lands woman in hot soup

Written by on February 16, 2019


A MAN of Lusaka’s Garden House compound has sued his neighbor in the Kanyama Local court for allegedly insulting him after he stopped her from eating party food and wants to be compensated

Benson Mpelembe, 51, has sued Celina Nyirongo, 43, of the same area for publically insulting him after he stopped her from eating food the Patriotic Front party had organized for its officials invited a branch party.

Particulars of the matter are that the two who live in the same neighborhood are both members of the ruling party who were invited to the function recently

Mpelembe told the court that he was shocked by Nyirongo’s act because she knew the food was not hers and was reserved for other party members.

When he tried to stop her from eating the food, she hurled insults at him.

“This woman is my neighbor and we are both from PF and she knew that the food was not hers and despite me explaining she went ahead and started to insult me in front of people. So I have brought her here so that you discipline her,” Mpelembe said

In defence Nyirongo said that Mpelembe had wanted to sleep with her and when she rejected him he started insulting her and she only defended herself by insulting him back.

“On unknown date I was drinking by his bar and he followed me to the loo and told me that he liked me and wanted to sleep with me, after I told him that no because we were both married he started to insult me and I also insulted him back,” she said.

Magistrate Esther Mulomba ordered Nyirongo to compensate Mpelembe with K600 because the law did not allow anyone to take it in their own hands. 

The court also advised Nyirongo to report to the police if anyone harassed her in any way and not to take the law in her own hands

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