Cruel bus driver divorced

Written by on February 16, 2019


A LUSAKA woman, who yesterday begged the Kanyama Local Court to end her marriage because every time her husband takes alcohol he mercilessly beats her, has been granted divorce.

This is in a matter in which Solomon Nyirenda, 29, a bus driver of Makeni Simoson was sued by his wife Lydia Soko, 26 of 3 years for beating and threatening to kill her.

Lydia narrated before the court how her husband was usually quiet when he was sober but became an animal after taking alcohol.

“When sober he is very quiet but when takes beer he is different person and becomes very violent. One time he beat me so badly that I ended up with a broken rib,” she said.

Lydia complained how sometimes her husband kicked her in the stomach which resulted into two miscarriages as he attempted to kill her after she asked him for money to do her hair.

“I have involved parents and the police but he won’t change so its better this marriage ends,” she said.

In his defence, Nyirenda denied ever beating his wife or ever breaking her rib.

“My wife listens too much to her pastor that’s where the problem is, I come home from work I find no food when I ask why she says she was at church  and she likes to run away from home to her pastor who seems to have no problem if she slept by his place,” he said.

The two have one child between them.

 Meanwhile Magistrate Esther Mulomba ordered the marriage to end after getting testimonies of the problem in the marriage from witnesses from both parties who also begged the court to dissolve it.

Magistrate Mulomba also ordered Nyirenda to compensate his wife with K4, 000 in three months for mistreating her as punishment. She further ordered Nyirenda to be paying child support of K400 every month

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