Residents in creepy aborted foetus find

Written by on February 15, 2019



RESIDENTS of Kaunda Square Stage One woke up to a rude shock when they discovered a fully developed dead foetus in a soakaway.

The foetus was discovered at one of the houses by a woman at around 05:30 as she was going for work discarded in the drainage and raised alarm. 

In an interview, one of the residents Miriam Banda told the Sun, that her neighbor woke her up around 05:30 when she discovered the body in the soakaway near her home.

Ms Banda said the soakaway had been blocked since Monday and that could have been the reason for the blockage.   

“What happened was that around 05:30 I heard a knock at my gate and when I opened my neighbor told me that her maid had discovered a dead foetus in soakaway as she was reporting for work in the morning,

“That is how I rushed to see what was happening and I went to report to the police. The head of the fetus was in the soakaway only the body was hanging outside,” she said.

Ms Banda expressed disappointment over the incident and that it was sad that an innocent life was aborted.

She appealed to the relevant authorizes to visit the area so that all the young ladies in the area could be checked and the culprit brought to book, adding that it was a shame for such things to be happening in the community.

Ms Banda further appealed to her fellow parents to avoid advising young girls who fell pregnant to be aborting their babies for whatever reasons The matter has since been reported to the local police and the feotus has since been removed for the soakaway.

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