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“YOUTHS are suffering because of cowardice, laziness and unproductivity of mind. Sex and beer has taken over their brains.

Stop hiding under the bed come out and contribute positive to the challenges we are facing as a country. Way to success is facing & solving problems not hiding & ignoring”, says 30 year old, Mind-set Change  activist,  Stanley Malama.

After realising that most youths in the country were unproductive , he decided to become a mindset change activist and be more practical than a motivational speaker.


My full names are Stanley Malama, popularly known as Mr Mindset changer.


I grow up in Kasama where I did my primary and secondary education.

 I have a degree In Civic Education and Theology from Justo University. At the moment I am an entrepreneur who is not interested to work for government or any other private company because the money I make in the streets per week is a salary of a teacher per month.


After seeing how unproductive the Zambian youths have become  and almost like robotic thinkers, I decided to become a mindset change activist and be more practical than  motivational speakers.

Mindset is a collection of beliefs and thoughts, therefore Zambian youths have a very wrong mindset, all they know is that making it in life you must be employed by government or a business platform must always be fair for them to do business.

The question is who told the youths that the platform should always be favorable & fair enough for them to make it in life? Even Jesus never had a fair platform, who are you to be given a fair platform,? By who and from which continent?

Our country is a free market economy and a clear reason to tell you that Zambian economy supports the birth and growth of entrepreneurship among youths. If you are an unemployed youth with five senses waiting for the Zambian economy to be favorable in order for you to start your own business, you must be an intelligent fool.

What if the economy becomes better when you are already dead with hunger, are you going to do business in heaven? A normal visionary youth always takes advantage of the hard times to think critical and be innovative enough.

If the pain of poverty could not push you into thinking big and realize your potential, you are a stupid poor fool.

 In the some hard economy others are making it while you are just seated in a layman’s chair enjoying someone’s food and shelter and busy accusing people of being corrupt but you forget that your mind is also corrupt with unproductivity and dependency syndrome.

This is the reason why I have taken up this big responsibility to challenge my fellow youths to take up jobs that are regarded as useless jobs for the illiterate. Through the same useless jobs, some of us eat well, drive and never lack fuel in my car like those with white collar jobs.

If the useless job can put good food on my table, help me solve financial problems why not share the same good idea with my fellow youths so that they improve their livelihood as well.


This is my message to my fellow youths, dear   fellow youths, 2021 is only for general elections not for  economic OVER night turn around. Leave 2021 alone and find what you can do to improve your personal life . It is like all youths are now waiting for 2021.

The behavior of many youths towards 2021 leaves much to be desired, Many people are busy talking about 2021, this and that as if politicians will start giving out free meal.

Youths have stopped looking for something to put food on their tables, all they say is things are hard, and who doesn’t know that things are hard? During this hard time our friends are making it, why not join them and get a better life than giving all your attention to 2021 as if you will appear on a ballot paper.

Let’s get busy finding what we can do in this hard times, waiting for 2021 to have a better life is serious lack of wisdom and irresponsible at its highest. Let’s put our lives in order while waiting for 2021 to take care of itself.

My fellow youths get this in your minds please, 2021 is for politicians to prepare for, what is needed from you is your good health and a voter’s card and that’s it. For now take responsibility of your lives and do all you can to better your living standards. Do your role as a responsible citizen, being a perpetual complainant will not help you.

Don’t sit in a lazy man’s chair and wait for a job or better Zambia in 2021. My friend you will die of depression if you don’t get what you expect in 2021. Remember it is not Jesus coming in 2021, it is a battle field for politicians only.

Insulting  the  government,   spending  time  sharing  nude pictures and meeting   off  Facebook  to  have  sex  and  drink  is not  the  solution  to  our  youthful  problems,  the  solution  is  to  join hands, work  and fight as a team to end poverty

Zambian youths are becoming useless, life is hard but youths prefer to discuss events and wanting to share nudity rather than things that actually matter most in their lives. Objectivity is never their agenda but self-satisfaction.

While Facebook is being abused, youths are being abused by Facebook as well without realizing. Youths prefer to meet off Facebook to go drink and have sex. All they discuss are chills and knowing which sex booster works better than the other.

Instead of joining hands and working hard towards ending hardships they have resorted to finding comfort on Facebook by getting likes through posing as some sex objects and filtering their pictures to get attention from the opposite sex. Youths have resorted to living rich online while they dwell in poverty in reality.

Issues that really matter to us are easily turned into jokes while being discussed in bars and on Facebook. What a useless youthful team we are. We have become breakers of each other rather than building one another. I appeal to all Zambian youths let’s unite and love each other. NO government in the world employs all youths.

Facebook Popularity and sexual invitations is the only achievement Zambian youths are enjoying. How long will it take for the youths to realise that they are the majority in this country and need to stop the nonsense they are doing and be ready to do the right things for the good of our Nation and the generation to come.  Hope one day the youths will wake up & I hope it won’t be too late…

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