Irresponsible dad sued

Written by on February 12, 2019



A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Misisi compound has taken her boyfriend to Kanyama Local court on grounds that he is irresponsible and has only bought nappies once in the past two years.

Ruth Ngulube, 22, sued her boyfriend Jason Shawa, 23, of the same area for not supporting the child.

Ruth narrated before the court that the two have been in a relationship since 2017 and have one child, 2 years and that since the birth of the child he had only bought nappies.

Ruth told the court that what shocked her was that her boyfriend could not provide for his child but still wanted to have another child with her despite him not working.

“My baby’s father is a qualified driver with a valid driver’s license but he doesn’t want to work and he’s been refusing to support his child because my parents don’t want him to marry me,” Ruth said.

She told the court that she loves him and she hopes one day she can marry him but he has to be responsible towards the child.

In defence, Jason said he had tried to support the child but that his   girlfriend’s mother won’t let him do so as she claims he is not good enough for her daughter.

He said the mother of his child should understand that it was not easy for him to support a child he was not allowed to see.

“Your honor,  I have no problem supporting the child or starting work to look out for my child but it hurts me to buy things for the child I’m only allowed to see once a month, worse my girlfriend’s mother is very angry at me and always looking down on me,” he said.

In passing judgment magistrate Esther Mulomba ordered Jason to support his child and also advised the mother to his girlfriend to allow him to see the child as many times as he wanted.

The magistrate also told Jason not force his girlfriend’s mother to permit him marry their child but that he should be patient and ask for her hand in marriage politely.

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