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THE story of a Congolese pastor who shaved pubic hair of one of his female congregants in Chirundu, which he later shoved into her private part in vague circumstances, must have shocked the entire Zambia.

This is because men of the cloth are supposed to be shining examples of godliness in our communities instead of being servants of the Devil.

Is it therefore possible that Satan uses servants of God as agents to solicit to sin and make it attractive, like he did in the Chirundu disgraceful saga?

In the despicable story of Pastor Mulenga, Ms Doreen Muzembi, 29, of Kadunga compound, was left in total shock after the pastor shaved her pubic hair and stuffed it into her vagina for whatever reason.

The tier is that on February 3 Ms Muzembi went to the house of Pastor Mulenga with her friends so that he could pray for her four-year old son who could not talk, walk, sit or do anything by himself

But the opposite happened after the Pastor told her that he had seen ‘bad luck’ in her life as he had also seen the cause for her son’s situation but promised he would cast out the demons tormenting her and the child.

Instead, however Pastor Mulenga got a small tablet of soap and proceeded to undress Muzembi before cutting her pubic hair which he put in her private part. Totally disgusting!

We think that the pastor behaved like an agent of Satan who faithfully educates them to disguise sin that he can more successfully destroy souls and rob Christ of his glory.

No doubt, Satan is the great enemy of God and man and transforms himself through his agents into false angels of light.

The worst feature in this Chirundu issue is that it involves a pastor dressed up as an angel of light to do innumerable harm.

It is also clear that in this debauched age many men and women of God will be blinded to the sinfulness of sin so that they choose a licentious life because it suits the natural and obstinate leaning of their hearts.

Instead of facing the looking glass, the law of God, and bringing their hearts and characters up to God’s standard, they allow Satan’s agents to erect his custom in their hearts. Pathetic!

These pastors and prophets, it seems find it easier to misread the scriptures to weather them in their wickedness than to yield up their dishonesty and sin and be pure in their hearts and life.

Muzembi may have escaped the worst at the hands of Pastor Mulenga but she will live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

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