Court dismisses ‘insults’ case

Written by on February 7, 2019


A KAMANGA Compound woman, who sued two other women of Chainda for allegedly calling her a prostitute, has lost the case in the Chelstone Local Court because it lacks merits.

This is in a matter in which in which Mary Bwalya, 39, of Kamanga compound sued Lillian Mwape, 26 and Felistus Chongo,27 both of Chainda compound in Lusaka for insulting her.

Bwalya told Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala, that complained that Mwape and Chongo were in a habit of insulting her whenever they went to visit their friend in the area where she lived.

She told the court that the defendants who would go all the way to Kamanga compound to insult her and calling her a prostitute who went out every night to look for men leaving her husband at home. 

“Your honour, one day these ladies came as to visit their friend who also happens to be my neighbour and started insulting as usual,

“They insulted almost the whole day and when I asked them who they were directing the insults to, they told me that it was me they were insulting,” she said.

She complained that on December 18, 2018, when she returned from the market, she found the two defendants taking alcohol and on seeing her, they started insulting her for no apparent reason.

She explained that one of the defendants went to her door step and fought with her before some neighbors separated them.

But Mwape and Chongo denied the allegation and told the court that in fact it was Bwalya who was the one in a habit of insulting them whenever she found them seated at their friend’s house.

“Court, this woman calls us prostitutes, dogs and above all tells us that we are HIV positive when we are not. She always gets insecure whenever she sees us talking and laughing. She always thinks we talk about her,” they said.

After studying the case, the court dismissed the case on grounds that Bwalya herself was the aggressor and that the case lacked merit.

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