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A Chongwe man has divorced his wife over promiscuous behavior in their marriage.

This is a case in which, Morris Tuzao, 41, of Chongwe district had sued his wife, Precious Musonda, 28, of the same area for divorce for alleged promiscuity and causing disputes in their marriage.

The court led by, Chelstone Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala, was surprised to hear that the woman caused her own divorce because of her careless behavior as a married woman.

Tuzao complained that, their marriage has been having problems since 2015.

“I paid bride price in full and we have one child together.”

“On one fateful day, my wife logged into Facebook using my phone and forgot to log out, I also wanted to use the phone only to discover that it was on my wife’s name. I took advantage and went through the messages only to shock myself with the message thread I found,” he said.

” The message from her boyfriend Felix Mulenga read; ” My angel you are looking beautiful, that’s why I love you.”

Response from my wife was; “Thanks, i am looking beautiful because I have something in my womb.”

The message goes on to say; ” I can do anything, it seems you are not yet ready for the baby,” she said.

” Dear I want my baby, take care of my pregnancy please, am on my knees mum. Honey don’t do that, am ready for all things please,” responded the man.

This made me lose interest in my wife, right now all I want is divorce, Plaintiff complained.

In defense, Musonda told court that there no good communication in the house and those text messages he saw were just jokingly texts from his cousin.

“I don’t even have access to his payslip and I don’t know the amount he gets monthly, he bought a car and plot but never informed me.” She stated.

The Chelstone Local Court granted them divorce without any compensation to anyone. The Court instead ordered that K600 be paid as child support on a monthly basis and that the properties be shared equally.

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