Chief Kapichila appeals for a palace

Written by on February 5, 2019



I HAVE had no decent accommodation for over six years and government should consider building me a palace quickly so that I can have dignity and execute my duties well, says Chief Kapichila of the Chewa people of Lundazi district.

Chief Kapichila, who was found at a small house, said that he had no palace of his own despite having been installed as Chief some 6 years ago.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the traditional leader consequently called on government to consider constructing him a modern palace so that he lives a dignified life.

Asked if he had engaged government on the matter before, Chief Kapichila said he had done so on several occasions but was told to wait a little bit as the budget allocation was not sufficient.

“Ninayendako ku boma kufunsapo pali nkhani ya palace ya Kapichila but ananiuza kuti budget allocation siyokwanila but ananilonjeza kuti bazayesayesa kuona mwamene bangatithandizile.

(I have on several occasions engaged government over a palace and I have been promised to wait as the budget allocation was not sufficient).

“Palace yanga ikalibe kuyamba kumangiwa, na pa list ya ma mfumu yomangiliwa manyumba ne palibe. Nipempha boma kuti iniyikeko pa list yama mfumu amene afunika kumangiliwa palace chino chaka chifukwa ulemu wa mfumu ni palace.

 (I am not even on a list of Chiefs to benefit from government in terms of modern palaces. My appeal to government is that let them consider Kapichila this year because a Chief is dignified when he has his own palace,” he said.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader who also said that the community had initiated a project of putting up a house for him as he waited for government to build him a palace, adding however that the project  had stalled due to lack of funds.

Chief Kapichila has also appealed to both government and the private sector to help raise K25, 000 so that his temporal house could be completed.

And Chief Kapichila urged men in his chiefdom to come out and report cases of GBV to ensure they get the necessary help.

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