Written by on February 4, 2019

WE welcome government efforts to fight crime with the introduction of the Special Joint Cybercrime Crack Squad (SJCCS).

Many Zambians like in many other countries, have fallen prey to cyber criminals and lost millions in monetary form as well as loss of lives.

Apart from common swindles being carried out on the cyber system, there are also reports of human trafficking facilitated through Internet and other social media platforms.

Cyber-criminals are groups of computer hackers that create malevolent software programmes in an effort to meet their own detailed illegal objectives.

These villains ply their  trade by also creating computer viruses that can steal access codes to bank accounts among their other dappled activities.

They also promote products or services on their victim’s computers by criminally using an infected computer’s resources – to develop and run spam campaigns, distribute network attacks and enforce blackmailing operations. Totally nerve wracking!

So the news that government has put in place Special Joint Cyber-crime Crack Squad (SJCCS) to bring sanity among digital platform users in Zambia is most welcome.

Minister of Transport and Communication, Brian Mushimba who announced this special crack squad says the SJCCS will support the identification of investigative overlaps and eliminate duplicity of resources while bringing about rapid resolution of cyber-crime cases and fast-track prosecution of the offenders.

He further said the new body is an effort of collaboration among security agencies and other stakeholder groups to mitigate against abusive and illegal use of digital platforms and vulnerabilities among and against Zambian citizens.

We totally agree with the Minister’s concerns over cyber-crimes and it is our prayer that SJCCS will have the ability to reduce risks brought about by the digital revolution through the establishment of effective and efficient real-time and proactive strategies to stamp out cyber-crimes from Zambia or at least minimize their occurrence.

This it must do because of the obvious effects cyber-crimes have on the general well being of the national economy.

It should indeed make sure that public digital platforms including social media are not used as vehicles for illegal and harmful activities in Zambia.

We know that cyber-crime has been on the rise in the last few years the world over with an annual average of 1.5 million cyber-attacks reported and through which billions of dollars have been lost.

All in all government’s efforts in fighting cyber-crime need the support of every Zambian because justice against cyber-criminals is rarely achieved as it is very difficult to catch and prosecute today’s cyber-criminals.

Cybercriminals are knowledgeable and their techniques are advanced, so they know how to cover their trails.

The cyber squad will need to be on top of its game to defeat the evil cartel that rules the cyber space. 

We have no doubt that with the right equipment and personnel, the cyber team will penetrate the criminal world of cyberspace.

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