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Written by on February 3, 2019

That public places need adequate toilet facilities is common knowledge.

It is therefore shocking that a school with more than 400 pupils can be run with only two toilets.

This is not only shocking but totally unacceptable.

Public places need to be well equipped with bathroom facilities and this is especially vital for schools.

Apart from the fact that public schools are dealing with many children, it is also common decency to ensure that any public place has enough toilets.

With the threat of cholera hanging over the nation, it is not right to allow public places to operate without adequate bathroom facilities.

The issue of Pambazana Primary School in Chirundu running with only two toilets against a pupil population of close to 500, is shocking.

It should not be allowed. Even if this is a community school, it should adhere to health regulations. The lives of the children and  teachers are dependent on the learning environment being clean and conducive.

The fact that the local community wanted to establish this school is an indication that they were aware of what was needed and must have been prepared to do the needful.

The community must be accountable for the health of the school.

We are therefore reminding the parents in that community to pull up their socks and pull resources together to put up more toilets.

Failure to do this may result in the closure of the school and they are well aware of this. They have been warned.

District commissioner Alfred Hamunjo has warned that the school may be closed because of inadequate toilets.

Pambazana Primary school in Chief Chipepo’s area of Chirundu district has been running with inadequate toilets from last year despite warnings.

Surely how can the community fail to put up even two more toilets in one year.

Is it any wonder that the district commissioner expressed disappointment with Pambazana community for not building more toilets at the school.

It would be wrong to let the school continue to expose such a large population of pupils to poor sanitation.

The community must be told in no uncertain terms that they must put up or do without a school.

Matters of health should be experimented with. People must act now to correct the situation.

We expect health and education authorities to ensure that the school has adequate toilets.

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