Mother sues son over administratorship

Written by on February 2, 2019

Mutinta Mulaye writes

THE Boma local court has revoked a Lusaka’s administratorship of his father’s estate after his mother sued him.

Magistrate Petronella Kalyelye   revoked the role of administrator from 41 year old Sokoni Sialozi of John Lengi after his mother demanded that he be removed.

Gertrude Siakalenge, 58 of Kamwala South told the court that she wanted her son, Mr Sokoni Sialozi to be removed as administrator because he had failed to do his job.

Siakalenge stated before the court that her husband, John Sialozi died in 2011 and left behind 10 children. She also disclosed that Mr Sokoni Sialozi was among the children and was also her biological son.

Siakalenge told the court that after her husband’s death, Mr Sokoni Sialozi was   chosen as administrator.

“Uyu first born wanga nifuna achokepo pau administrator, sama lipila ndrama zilizonse kuli bafana bake, sachita nchito yake,”

“I want my first born son to stop being administrator because he does not give any money to his relatives from the estates, he is not doing his job,”  Siakalenge told the court.

Ms Siakalenge also told the court that she saw that after the passing of her husband, her matrimonial house could be a way of generating an income to sustain her children who were at school.

She testified that just after she moved out to stay with her daughter in Kamwala South, Sokoni Sialozi moved into the matrimonial home and has been staying there.

“Ndalama zina siya ba tate bake ana mangila nyumba pamene paja pa plot, nyumba ili yake, instead kunkala mwamene muja, ana kukila mu nyumba ija, nika yesa kukamba naye ama kamba mau yoipa,”

“He used the money that his father left him to build a house on the same plot, but instead of staying in that house, he is staying in the house my matrimonial home and whenever I try to talk to him, he utters bad words,”  Siakalenge testified.

The defendant did not deny claims that he has built another house on the plot and moved into his mother’s matrimonial home. He however stated that he respects his mother and does not utter any bad words.

He also told the court that he does not see a reason as to why he should be removed as administrator.

“Mufana wanga ndiye ana kamba ati nikukile mu nyumba ija inangu so that nikazi isunga mushe kaili ndiye Ina siya batate,” he said.

“my young brother is the one who advised that I move into this house to take care of it because it is the house dad left,”  Sokoni Sialozi told the court in his defence.

Siakalenge also told the court that defendant has put his house on rent and does not share any benefits with his siblings.

The court found that the matrimonial home which Mr Sokoni Sialozi had moved into was  part of the estate to be shared by children of the late.

The court also found that  Sokoni was wrong by moving into the matrimonial house and was also denying his siblings a right to an education.

Because  Sokoni had failed to perform his job, his role as administrator was revoked and he has since been given up to the  February 28 to vacate the house.

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