Children are a treasure to parents

Written by on January 30, 2019

The most precious treasure we can possess as parents, it’s not our house, car, money, jewels or any precious metals of stones. Even when all these things are important, the most precious wealth and riches we possess is our children.

The Bible tells us that children are a crown to their parents (Prov. 17:6). Children are actually God’s gift to the parents. If children are a gift from God that means that we receive them from God Himself. If we receive an important gift from someone that we love, we treasure it, give it honor, and do what we can to protect it. Parents we have a responsibility to protect our children from harm and nurture them in every way possible so that they can fulfill their potential.

As our treasure children should be loved more than anything else in the world. They are the most beautiful and precious gift a human can ever have. James 1:17, Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Never forgot, there isn’t much else in life that is more beautiful and important than a gift of life in a child. Love them, enjoy them and take care of them because they are wonderful. Love and care of the parents and family members is the most important thing which makes them fell treasured. All what our children desire from us, is to love them dearly no matter the circumstances. 

As our treasure children should be molded in a right way. Childhood is that golden period of life. It is during this period that we parents can mold a child for the rest of his life. What a child will learn and see from us is what he or she will learn in the future.

Just as a porter molds the pot according to his wishes, similarly any individual is molded in his or her childhood. If the molding is good, the child will turn to be a perfect individual who will help in the growth and development of society and the nation at large. It is thus essential for parents that we instill the values of good character, respect for the elders, helping other people in need and the like in our children from a very early age to brighten their future.

Like with any other treasure, our children must be protected. No one exposes their treasure to harm. As parents we must protect our children from harm whether physically or emotionally. But I should also be quick to mention that we must not be over protective. As parents we have a tendency of being over protective. We tend to finish our child’s homework to protect them from a teacher’s scolding. We must stop rescuing our child at each step; understand that we can’t be with our child every time, everywhere.

Resist yourself from saving your child at each step. It will turn out to be a big help for your child. Explain to your child why it is important for them to be careful and let the child follow safe practices.

I remember one day after preaching on this topic in my congregation a parent come to me a said “ Abusa, yes children are the most precious gift to parents but not my mine. I sometimes feel tired and become frustrated. I love my children, but wow! Their behavior often stumps me and sometimes I get reactive and lose my temper”.

 There are many parents who feel the same way. What you should know is that no matter how much you love your children; there is no denying that raising children is hard work!  It is life altering task, which often leaves even the best parent scratching their heads wondering if they are “doing it right.”  But an encouragement to you, rest in the full confidence of the Lord and his promises as you parent your children. No matter what your children are doing God does not abandon you. He will comfort you and give you strength to carry on.  You are not alone.

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