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Written by on January 28, 2019

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Dear Aunt,

My husband and I have been married for 7 years now and we have 2 kids. The problem is that my husband has a habit of having a bath at work. We talked about it, he apologized but keeps repeating the same things. He does not bath the water I prepare for him. What should I do?

ANSWER: So your husband leaves home without bathing with the intention of bathing at his work place.  That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Is your bathroom dirt or is there something missing? I would suggest you sit down again and tell him that the whole family will be bathing from his work place. He should not run away from providing a conducive bathroom just because he can take a shower at work. He should enjoy home facilities the same way the rest of his family is doing. This is so nonsensical.  

Am 18 years old and pregnant from a married man. He told me that he would pay the doctors so that I can have an abortion but I do not want to abort. He loves me and I love him, please help.

ANSWER: Abortion is not the answer. It is wrong and unchristian to rush for abortion just because you find yourself in a predicament. A married man is not a solution to your problems. You should have remembered that before you fell for his lies. There is no future with him, unless you want to stay on as the side chick for the rest of your life. Your are too young to be burdened by a married man. Keep the baby and move on. You will find a man who will love you and your child.

My ex-boyfriend’s brother told me that he is in love with me and I love him too. How can I tell my ex that I love his brother?

ANSWER:  I do not see why you need to tell your ex-boyfriend anything. He will see for himself or just let his brother tell him. It is non of his business who you fall in love with.

My boyfriend of 8 months has gone cold on me because I refused to fall pregnant for him. I love him but he keeps claiming he first wants to see if am barren or not.

ANSWER: Love is not a test where one has to prove themselves in any way.  Having children is an act or gift  from God. You can only pray and have faith that your prayer will be answered to have children. God does work wonders and miracles do happen.  It will happen when God decides. “Not your will but by my will, says the Lord.”

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