Chongwe residents cry for better roads

Written by on January 28, 2019



SOME residents of Chongwe have complained about the poor road network in the district   adversely affecting their vehicles and businesses.   

The residents told The Sun in separate interviews that the government should consider tarring the roads rather than undertaking regular grading.

Gideon Mbewe, a motorist, charged that most roads in the district were in bad state that only vehicles with four wheel drive could pass on them.

“We are appealing to government, through our Member of Parliament, to immediately work on the roads because most small vehicles can longer pass on them due to potholes and floods,” he said.

Another motorist, Kelvin Tembo, complained that the bad state of the roads was affecting his business.

“It now takes me much longer to drive to Kanakantapa to deliver goods when I am hired. I make less trips and less money now than when the roads were good,” stated Mr. Tembo.

He complained that, “A distance of about 9 km which would normally take a canter truck 30 minutes, now takes three hours and uses more gas.”

Another motorist, who did not want to be named, appealed to government to immediately work on the roads which he said were last graded in 2017.

“Most of the roads have been washed away by rains. They require attention,” he said.

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