Mujajati had it coming

Written by on January 27, 2019

THE removal of Dr Aaron Mujajati from the Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) was long overdue because in my view this body had been invaded by crooks.

Our health minister, Dr Chitalu Chilufya has done very well to make these changes and I hope Dr Kennedy Malama will go further and purge other people whose activities have not contributed to the growth of the health sector.

In my opinion, HPCZ has been victimizing selected individuals, for no apparent good reasons.

Some of these people are supposed to be at Chimbokaila. Well done bwana Minister, you’ve saved the Govt from further embarrassment Mujajati was a plain nuisance! His only objective was making a name by closing institutions.

In his over zealousness, he thought he could portray himself as the best doctor in Zambia who knows better much against the Oath he is supposed to uphold to treat his colleagues with respect and dignity!


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