“Randy” hubby divorced

Written by on January 25, 2019


A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Makeni Villa Park has divorce her husband of three years for allegedly having sex with every maid she employed.

Margaret Tembo, has sued Paul Mvula, 45, a business man, in the Kanyama Local Court, for regularly cheating on her.

Facts before court were that, the two got married in 2016 but have had no children together though the man is reported to have impregnated two maids and sired children from his first wife.

 “Ba muna banga aba nibovuta, kuchokela pamene banani kwatila.  Napishapo ma maid yali four because benze gona nabeve. Anso kuli na rumour ati nibo kwatila kwi nangu. (My husband has been a problem since he married me. I have fired four maids so far because he used to sleep with them, and there is also a rumour that he is married elsewhere),” Ms. Tembo said.

She begged the court to divorce them saying that continuing in marriage with Mvula may bring her diseases. But in his defence, the defendant accused his wife of going out for prostitution whenever they quarreled, adding that he had done everything he could to impress her but she could not change.

He said his had no reason to suspect him of infidelity because she was also his former maid who well knew her past.

“I bought her an expensive phone but she gave it to her boyfriend and I forgave her. She keeps sleeping with her ex-lover but I still tolerate her because I love her, and I think that she can change,” he said.

In passing judgment, local court presiding Justice Mubukwanu Matakala, divorced the two saying their differences could easily lead to violence.

The magistrate also ordered them to share their matrimonial property equally.

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