Lusaka man courts ‘girlfriend’ over insults

Written by on January 24, 2019

Lucy Phiri writes,


A man of Lusaka’s Mtendere East Compound has dragged his wife to court for divorce for suspected promiscuity and constantly insulting him.

Teddy Mumba, 36, told the Chelstone Local court that he wished to divorce Edina Mazonga, also of Mtendere east, because she insulted him every time they quarrelled and also “changed men like clothes.”

He said that her behaviour has persisted since 2013 and that she did not respect him despite having three children with him.

“She refuses to cook or wash for me but simply insults me,” explained Mumba who also disclosed that his wife’s behaviour forced him to shift into another house in the hope that she would reform.

He pleaded with the court to divorce him from Mazonga saying she was fond of patronizing bars and mingling with drunkard friends.

But Mazonga, 34, told the court she decided to leave her matrimonial home and went to live in Petauke because she caught her husband having sex with his niece.

She said he did not also want her relatives to visit their house but only his.

The Chelstone local court findings were that, there was no marriage between the two because dowry wasn’t paid, and that they were just living like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Local court justice Mary Namangala, who presided over the matter, ruled the two could not be divorced because they were not married as no dowry was paid.

She advised Mazonga to sue Mumba for child maintenance.

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