Violent hubby divorced

Written by on January 23, 2019

Rabecca Banda writes


A Lusaka husband who has been beating his wife for following him at his girl friend place has been divorced.

Moses Thole, 33, of Lilanda compound  was sued by his wife of 13 years for beating her and failing to provide for her and their children.

Constance Gwai, 32, of George compound, sued her husband for divorce on  grounds of cruelty.

Gwai said she has not been happy in her marriage following continuous beatings from her husband to the point were she  lost a few teeth and her leg  got broken.

“He beats me and tells me that he will one day kill me,” Gwai said.

Gwai complained that her husband beats her for asking for house rentals and food.

“At one point my husband refused to pay rent and we were eventually evicted from the house”.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrates Juliet Mwila and Sylva Kabunda.

In his defense Thole explained that he only went for a drinking spree at the taverns but never had relationship with other women.

However, Thole confessed beating his wife because she always followed him and was harassing the women  he was found with at the taverns.

The two have four children between them of ages 3 –  13 years.

The court granted divorce saying there was constant disputes and violence in their marriage and  ordered the man to care for the three children while  the mother would keep their 3 year-old-child. The court also ordered the man to pay his former wife K5000 in installments of K200 per month and maintain their 3-year-old child

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