Business booms at Lusaka’s graveyards

Written by on January 23, 2019



THE sale of alcoholic beverages, such as Chibuku shake shake and other types of opaque beer, at low cost graveyards, has become brisk business for most Lusaka residents.

People spoken to at Lusaka’s Chingwere cemetery stated that business for alcohol products at the burial place has boomed due to the increased number of people that attend funerals there.

Agness Kazembe, one of the traders found at the cemetery, observed that most people from the nearby compounds have opted to venture in that business because of “good profit”.

She said, “The more funerals, the better the businesses”.

She explained that dealing in alcoholic drinks at the graveyard was more profitable than selling flowers.

 “We also sell drinks but we make sure that there is beer at all times because mourners, especially men, always want to drink during funerals,” Ms Kazembe said.

Ms Kazembe justified the trade at graveyard that the people were only taking advantage of the opportunities which had presented itself.

Meanwhile Mr Allan Muntanga, a trader at Chunga cemetery, stated that alcoholic drinks, especially the opaque beer, was more likely to sell faster than the drinks like Super Maheu because they gave grave diggers the urge to work.

Mr Mutanga said traders were earning about K500 from their daily sales.

“It is not like we enjoy seeing people die, we are simply taking advantage of an opportunity that has presented itself,” he said.

 “We are like coffin makers. It is not like they want people to dies but simply doing business,” Mr Mutanga said.

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