Woman pleads to save marriage

Written by on January 22, 2019

Lucy Phiri writes


IN  a dramatic turn of events, a Lusaka woman who had sued her husband for divorce, changed her mind when they got to the Chelstone Local court and she instead asked for reconciliation.

The husband, who was accused of being promiscuous and failing to support the family, also changed his mind and demanded a divorce instead of reconciliation.

This is a case in which, Bridget Yaunde, 37,  of Garden Compound had sued her husband, Evans Godimu Chanda, 43, of the same area, for divorce  for alleged promiscuity and causing  a lot of disputes in their marriage.

The court led by Justice C. Milambo, was surprised when the woman changed her mind  and asked for reconciliation and not divorce as indicated in court papers.

Yaunde complained that the couple had been having problems since 2002 and that the husband had had a child outside marriage. She told the court that her husband had been sponsoring the other child and neglecting his children at home.

She said she had been discussing the matter with the pastor’s wife but in vain.

The court also heard that after the husband learnt that Yaunde had reported him to the pastor’s wife, he chased her from home.

Her attempts to get back home were met with resistance from the husband and she then went to stay with the in-laws.

Yaunde also told the court she could hear the husband talking on phone with a  girlfriend and decided to call the number of the woman.  She said her husband had save the woman’s telephone number as “br” . She sued the husband because she was fed up of hearing stories about his escapades.

Chanda on the other hand told the court that he wanted to
divorce his wife because she was too nagging and jealousy.

The Chelstone Local Court   reconciled the coupled for the sake of the four children.

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