Drink less to succeed, Siyanga tells women

Written by on January 20, 2019



WOMEN for Change executive director Lumba Siyanga has advised women to refocus their attention to caring about their health and wellbeing other than simply spend money on alcohol. 

Reaction to last year’s media reports which stated that Zambian women drunk more alcohol than their male folk, Ms. Siyanga urged women to regulate their drinking because it could affect their progress in life.

Ms Siyanga said that women should strive to invest in things, which could build them as opposed to engaging in activities that can destroy them.

She was speaking in an exclusive interview with The Sun in Lusaka yesterday.

 “Spending money on alcohol will not take you anywhere. Its better you invest that money either in your children’s education, your own education or just in your wellbeing as a woman, she stated. 

“Spend money on improving your health by going to the gym for exercises,” Siyanga further stated and urged women to refocus and spend less money on alcohol.

The Women for Change boss has also cautioned both women and men to desist from engaging in activities such as smoking and excessive drinking because such lifestyles were not only dangerous but also bred domestic violence in families.

“We all know that excessive drinking is one of leading causes of domestic or gender based violence (GBV) in some homes, so it is important that we drink responsibly, “She said.   

“Going forward, I think it is important that women begin to seriously invest in their future and reduce on activities that could destroy them. The same goes with men,” Siyanga stated.

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