Uncollected garbage block roads in Chipata Compound

Written by on January 19, 2019



FAILURE by the community based enterprises to collect garbage from Chipata Overspill Compound this week has resulted in the blockage of certain roads and a deterioration of hygiene condition in some areas.

A spot check by The Sun around the compound yesterday found heaps of garbage in various places with some of it rendering certain centre roads impassable.

Some residents spoken to complained that the garbage has remained uncollected for the past one week and has resulted in creating mini dumpsites for some households closer to them.

“Everyone here pays for garbage collection through their water bills but it is worrying that people assigned to collect it are not serious,” observed one resident who did not want named.

“We literally have to push garbage aside every time we would like to pass especially when it rains,” he stated.

Another resident Mr. Dabwitso Kaunga accused employees of the community based enterprises of merely passing through the compound without even touching the garbage on Wednesday.

He complained about the household talking advantage of uncollected garbage by turning them into dumpsites, and accused them of “trying to brew” the cholera pandemic.

“We expect these people to be serious when it comes to garbage collection because it’s about our health. But these people are behaving as if it’s for free,” said a visibly annoyed Kaunga who also claimed some people without access to toilets were turning the garbage sites as disposal places for fecal matter in chibuku packs. The area councilor Mr. Joseph Tamba could not be reached for a comment on the situation as his cellular phone went unanswered.

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