Can Mercy’s artist charms spread to Cornelius?

Written by on January 15, 2019


Barely few days after 20-year old artist Mercy Gondwe’ s detailed portrait of President Edgar Lungu won her kudos and encouraged the President to make a personal phone call appreciating her works, another artist , Cornelius Chalwe has surfaced with a detailed portrait of the president’s daughter, Tasila Lungu.

Chalwe a 28 year-old teacher says his public release of Tasila’s portrait with an accompanying caption that he wants to meet with  her face to face is not necessarily motivated by Mercy.

“ My plans for this is to motivate young Zambians with all kinds of talents to work extra hard because they can make a living out of their talents. So I want to open up anyone who would wish to make this dream become a reality. As for this drawing, I drew it 6 to 7 months ago.  I was not motivated by Mercy but I appreciate the work that she is doing, she has proven to say art is not only for males,”says Chalwe who started art when he was in grade 5 at Nsakaluba Primary School in Mwense.

“ I started taking art as a subject in my Grade 10 at Nchelenge High school. Then I went to Evelyn Hone College where I studied art teachers’ diploma,” he adds. 

“ I have done a lot of commissioned work. The biggest work that I did was when I designed the logo for the cluster munition conference which was held in Zambia in 2013.”

He insists that he did Tasila’s drawing out of the fact that she is a hard worker.

“I have never seen such an ambitious and determined young lady like Tasila Lungu. Her courage and hard work leaves much to be desired. I would like to tell her this myself face to face. Help me share this work till it reaches her the President ‘s Daughter.” Chalwe said through Zambia’s Youth Promoter Joel Mwanza.

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