Don’t abandon PF – members urged

Written by on October 12, 2021

Don’t abandon PF – members urged


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) members shouldn’t abandon the party despite losing the August elections but should continue believing in what the party stands for, says DNA spokesperson, Spuki Mulemwa.

Mr. Mulemwa said in an interview that although it’s a democratic right of every party member to leave if they wish, they should hold on to the principles which made them join the PF.

He is of the view that the country’s democracy would die if people began to leave their political parties after losing an election to join the ruling party as there would be no one to offer credible checks and balances to the party in power.

Mr. Mulemwa reminded the PF members that they were still useful to the political dispensation and governance of the country even in opposition through offering credible checks and balances to the government.

“There is this misconception or this mistaken notion that when you are in govt, it’s where it happens. You can still contribute even when you are not in government.

“In any case, all MPS are part of government by virtue of being part of the three arms of govt, the executive which is President and cabinet, the legislature which is actually the lawmakers and then judiciary employed by the people of Zambia through a vote,” he said.

And Mr. Mulemwa has urged the opposition political parties to continuously offer credible checks and balances to the government so that they govern the nation in line with the aspirations of the people.

He however warned against criticism that is out of evil will but that which reminds the ruling UPND party of what made the people of Zambia vote for them so that they deliver on the promises made.

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