Government says employers have the right to make covid19 vaccines a policy

Written by on July 30, 2021

Government says despite the Covid 19 vaccines not being mandatory, employers have the right to make it a policy to only work with people who have been vaccinated.

Ministry of labor and social security permanent secretary Chanda Kaziya says it is important to note that government cannot intervene in the policies laid down by various companies.

Mr Kaziya says policies implemented by companies and other organizations cannot be interfered in by government.

Meanwhile Mr Kaziya has this morning launched the 2020-2022 Zambia Decent Work program.

Mr Kaziya says the program prioritizes effective application of fundamental principles and rights at work to support equitable and inclusive economic growth in Zambia.

Speaking at the same event Zambia Federation of employers executive director Harrington Chibanda says the realization of the decent work agenda demands putting creation of jobs at the heart of economic policy making and developing plans.

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