Kambwili defends the high price of food commodities

Written by on June 10, 2021

Former Minister in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Government Chishimba Kambwili has defended the high prices of commodities being experienced in Zambia

Speaking during the PF interactive forum with host Nakiwe Simpungwe yesterday, Mr Kambwili said that the rise in a global phenomenon as has been observed by the United Nations and scoffed at United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema’s machinations that once he is elected at 10:00hrs the dollar will come down against the Kwacha.

“Someone was being rhetoric that when I am elected at 10 o’clock, 14:00hrs the dollar will come down ni magic abracadabra, please see them for who they are, liars!!” he exclaimed.

“The United Nations has declared that the prices of food world over prices have gone up by two or three times more because of draught, and Covid 19. Global food has extended to the highest in almost in a decade, this is not me, not Lungu but the UN who is stating,” he said

Citing an example of South Africa which hosts a much larger economy than Zambia, Dr Kambwili said;

“Mealie Meal today in South Africa is at R230 – K380 for 25kg bag of mealie meal and in this country [Zambia] a 25kg is costing at K140, a kg of meat is R73- K120 in South Africa… and in Zambia meat is ranging between K70 to K90 kg, lets come to cooking oil 2.5ltrs in South Africa is costing R79 – K130.”

He noted that even the pump prices in South Africa are much higher as compared to Zambia.

“When we come to petrol I have heard people hallucinate that petrol is expensive in Zambia and cheaper in South Africa, where are you getting the statistics from? Petrol in South Africa is R16.91 per litre which translates to K28 per litre, how much are we paying in Zambia, K17,” he queried.

Mr Kambwili observed that it was a pure fallacy and selfish act to state that the Patriotic Front Government had failed.

“You go to the poor people in the compound and you want to mislead them to remove a legitimately elected government, a government that has done so much in ten years, a government that has brought dignity in terms of roads, hospitals, and schools and saying they are a failed government because of the price of commodities. And prices are better in other countries,” he said.


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