Mayor’s salute to Aunt Milly’s Tamanga

Written by on August 2, 2020


AUNT Milly will soon feature on the Lusaka Mayor’s BOBA TV as he openly expressed his admiration for her business hustle and life testimony of hard work paying off.

In a Facebook post, Miles Sampa announced that he would soon host Aunt Milly to share her life story that serves as an inspiration to all tamnagas.

Mayor Miles Sampa: At the Wash Zambia event last week I met a lady that was so happy to see me and said ” Can I hug you aiiii? You remind me of my late Father”.

It turns out her name is Miriam Mulwanda aka Millie Beauty Products. She called next day and I was touched upon hearing her life story. From “rags to riches”.. From a bad marriage to a “heaven on earth” marriage. BOBA TV will bring her life interviews soon.

Turns out her Facebook page “Millie Beauty Products” is the most or highest Zambia female page with most LIKES of 275,000+. Based on that it’s safe to say that she is the most famous woman in Zambia. She sells women products but also offered me some herbal products she sent via my partner Nchimunya. She keeps calling to ask if I had taken and my feedback. I told her no need as yet 😀.

BOBA TV salutes you Millie 🙌 who is a mother of 8 (one on the way), as a woman making it in Lusaka via own Hardwork and innovation.

Call Millie (+260 97 7157238) or visit her Facebook page (Millie Beauty Products) and order her products.

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