4 Things You Didn’t Know about Chef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda

Written by on July 31, 2020

Hip Hop star Chef 187 who recently said “I Do” to his partner Yolanda Kayanda in an elegant celebration of love has called his new bride “the perfect blend” as he gushed over their nuptials.

From the decor to the non-stop flow of Chivas, Chef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda ensured their cheering family and friends were treated to the perfect moments while celebrating their union.

Think you know the couple? Here are 4 things we bet you didn’t know about your faves:

1. They met on an App

So, the couple met on Black Berry Messenger in 2013 and decided to be friends. It however didn’t take too long before love prevailed transforming friendship into something more and the rest, they say, is history.

2. Chef 187’s celebrity status is challenging for Yolanda

Ask any celebrity wife/girlfriend and they would probably have one answer- it’s hard being married to a celebrity.

For Yolanda she has learned overtime to remind herself that he may be Chef 187 to the world but he is Kondwani to her.

3. Chef 187 is constantly giving Yolanda business advice

A couple who works together, stays together. If that’s not a saying yet then it should be as Yolanda explained in an interview that her husband is super supportive, constantly giving her business ideas and advice.

4. They are a team

According to Chef, he and his new wife work as a team and feed off each other. They share the same dreams, ambitions and goals and if you asked us, we would say these two are the perfect blend of chocolate and strawberry, just like a well distilled bottle of Chivas.

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