6 years for assault on child

Written by on July 30, 2020


A MAN of Kafue who was dragged to court for assaulting juveniles with hot wax has been sentenced to six years imprisonment with hard labour.

Appearing in the Kafue Magistrate court before magistrate Kawama Mwamfuli was Charles Mulyokela accused of assault on a child hence causing bodily harm.

Mulyokela of Zambia Compound appeared in court with six counts of assault on a child.

It is alleged that on March 11, around 19:00 hours the juveniles where making wax near Mulyokela’s place, he found them outside and told them to move because they were making dirty outside his house.

He then took a stone and threw it in the pot after when he kicked the pot on them and the hot porridge splashed and burnt everyone who was there.

Mr Charles Mulyokela (left) outside court after judgement

In defence, Mulyokela said it was around 19:00hours he heard the children making noise outside meanwhile the fire burning. He went towards them and tried to stop them but they ran away and started crying that Mr Mulyokela has burnt them.

He said he was then called by the police who later apprehended him.

“I did not kick any pot, if I was the one who kicked it how come I am not burnt with the said wax? Moreover it was my wife who took the children to the clinic and paid for everything required,” he asked

“If the children are saying I threw a stone in the wax, where is the stone I want to see it?”

Court heard all statements from Mulyokela and the Juveniles and was satisfied that the accused caused bodily harm on the children by burning them with wax.

In mitigation, Mulyokela said court should have leniency on him because he is the one keeping orphaned children and that he is the one who looks after his old mother.

Court jailed Mulyokela six years imprisonment with hard labour.

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