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Written by on July 23, 2020


ZAMBIA National Soccer team striker Fashion Sakala has taken a stand on his faith and spoken out on allegations of the use of juju by footballers.

In an interview, the Belgium-based goal machine said God is the only answer to his success in football.

“I’ve had a lot of questions, people asking me the why I always talk about God like in my inbox or comments why Fashion is always talking about God but people say you are using charms or something like that,” he said.

“I feel like God gave me this career to share his words I think I’ve got a very good testimony to testify to people looking at my background looking at the place where I’m from, I feel like God give me this career to preach the word of God to share the words of God through my career because I came all the way from village where I believed in God from the time when I was young until now.”

He went on to say that he is happy to share the Word of God at every opportunity that he can because he is optimistic of a bright future.

“What I was asking when I was a kid, this is what I’m having and what I’m asking now it is still happening and I can see light shining on front of me that something big is coming so I just want to tell people that I’m very happy to share the word of God and I feel like this is something that I made with God. It’s like I made a covenant with God that I will never stop praying I would never stop talking to him and I’ll tell the whole world about the good work God has done for me.”

Of his critics who raised the issue of juju: “I can say to people who always ask or criticise me that I use charms or something like that, saying why are you always talking about God so this is something that I would like you to add in my story let me speak out through you, I would like people to know that God has answers for everyone who believe and praise his name.”

Fashion is currently playing as a striker for Belgian pro league KV Oostende where he is the top scorer with eight goals and four assists to his name at the club.

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