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A BUSINESS woman of Lusaka’s Garden Chilulu Township has been ordered by the Boma Local Court to refund her neighbour the money she borrowed by September 10, 2019.

Senior local court magistrate Roan Shamfwesa, ordered Eunice Daka, 52, to refund the K1,200 she owed Pennlope Musonda, with K300 interest, for delaying payment.

This is in a case Musonda, 36, sued Daka in Lusaka has ordered a businesswoman of Garden Chilulu to refund her neighbour with K1, 500 on or before September 10, 2019.

This was a case in which Penelope Musonda, 36, took Eunice Daka to court for failing to refund the K1,200 she borrowed in April as agreed.

“She’s my neighbour and friend because we do village banking together. She asked me to help her with some money because she needed to bail out her cousin who was locked up,” Musonda said.

She said she gave Daka the money amounting to K1, 200 but had failed to refund it as agreed and was being dodgy.

“I started following her but it’s been one excuse after another. Sometimes she doesn’t pick my calls, and when she does it’s always stories. The latest was during the Agricultural Show period, she assured me she would give it to me but stopped picking my calls,” Musonda said.

Daka, in her statement, agreed she borrowed the money but said she failed to refund it because she had challenges.

“I got that money in April which I repaid in May. I was forced to borrow the money again because I was still having some issues. My child’s son died and I used the money for the funeral the time I was supposed to pay back,” Daka said.

“I explained to her but I think she’s just forgotten. I told her I would give her in due course. Even when she told me she would bring me to court, I pleaded with her but to no avail,” she said.

Magistrate Shamfwesa ordered Daka to pay back a total of K1, 500 since time has passed from the time she borrowed it.

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