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UNEXPECTED power cuts have worried Kamwala traders who have called on ZESCO to assist them with the issue because they are affecting their businesses

Traders in Kamwala markets said that although they were aware about the load shedding schedule but for some time they had been experiencing outages beyond the normal load shedding hours.

In an interview with the Sun, MrOwen Mutti a local trader said they had been experiencing longer power cuts and it was getting worse by the day.

Mr Mutti said most affected traders were the tailors, welders and many others who depended on electricity to work.

 “We have sent complaints to ZESCO, especially the tailors because they need electricity to use their machines and so their business is on stand still,

“This is causing the business to go down and making life hard for us,” he said.

“Tiziba kuti kuli load shedding na load shedding schedule but malaiti yeve yachilamo kuyenda yenda (we are aware of the load shedding and the load shedding schedule but electricity has being cutting so much).”  Mr Mutti said.

However, Mr Mutti said apart from electricity challenges, traders were happy because the water problems in the area had almost become a thing of the past as there has been an improvement in the supply of the commodity.

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