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RESIDENTS of Sinda have complained that they are not receiving the kind of help they want from civil servants because most of them are rarely in their offices during working hours.

The residents noted with sadness that they were not receiving the kind of services they wanted from government officers because most of time they were either out of officers and the district altogether

One of the residents who spoke on behalf of the residents Patson Banda said it was sad that civil servants in the district were not giving their jobs top priority.

Mr Banda said Government had put them in those positions to bring about development to the area but were not performing accordingly resulting in the district to lag in some areas.

“The type of service delivery coming from our civil servants here in Sinda is very poor as most of the workers are not in their officers daily. Some say they are sick while others are reported to in Lusaka for workshops,

“It is alleged that most of the workers are not with their families in Sinda therefore spending less time in the offices just to be with their families and some report for work late,” he said.

Mr Banda expressed sadness over the failure to construct a road linking to the local police post.

He said the constructor only brought gravel which had been left there for the past two years.

He said something should be done to the gravel that was dumped along the road because it was a danger to the lives of people in the area and many accidents were being recorded at the spot.     

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