Mahopo problematic couple reconciliated

Written by on August 20, 2019

Diana Nsofwa writes                          

A COUPLE that was having marital issues have been reconciled in the Chilenje Local Court after the two agreed to do so.

Rosemary Kalunga, 25, of Mahopo sued her husband Derrick Maseko, 28, of the same compound for reconciliation.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrates Ackim Phiri sitting with Harriet Mbewe and presiding local court magistrate Patrick Nyirenda.

The two got married in 2013 and have two children.

“Our problems in March 2015 when he told me he went to see his friend and he had money. After a week he told me he had given his friend the money,

“We argued and he told me to pack and leave. In December 2016 he gave me a K550 to keep for his brother’s child. I asked if he could give me some money, he said his vision is to help the poor,” said Kalunga

Kalunga said on Christmas Day she asked him for money but in response he told her that was a wicked woman because she did not want his relatives.

“He stopped eating my food and would cook for himself, one time I asked to use the brazier because I wanted to cook for our sick child but he beat me up,

“I went to my sister’s place for two months without him following me. My chimbusa (Godmother) is the one that took me back. In May we stopped having sex when I asked him why he pointed at me and said I should leave and not ask him foolish questions. He packed my things in the morning and took them to my mother’s place,” said Kalunga

In defence however Maseko told the court that he wanted his wife back at home.

“According to me we live well and we manage to solve our problems; what caused me to take her is the fact that she does not respect me as her husband,

“When we argue she says marriage is a contract. She is a bad cook and when I try to correct her she says I should find another woman. I love her but she does not like my relatives and she spends a lot of time at her mother’s place,” said Maseko

The court advised Kalunga to respect her husband and Maseko to take care of the family.

 “You have been reconciled. Wait for your child to grow but do not pass much time to have sex. Kalunga will remain at her parents place for a week so that you are taught and she does not want to go to Petauke as suggested by her husband either party can sue for divorce,” said the court

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