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A LUSAKA housewife who loves beer, sunko and arrives home late forcing her husband to cook for himself has been divorced in the Matero Local Court.

Gregory Sikombe, 40, a businessman of Chipata Township sued his wife, Joyce Sikombe, 35 for divorce after separating for two weeks.

Sikombe told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Harriet Mulenga said he had been subjected to cooking nshima on his own after knocking off from work because his wife returned home very late in the night.

The two got married in 2004 and they have three children. Dowry was paid.

at Matero Local Court that he sued Joyce because she drinks beer so much and sniffs sunko that she comes home at 22 hours subjecting him to cook nshima after work.

He explained that the first time when they sat to resolve the matter he forgave Joyce and that the second time she insulted him after he locked her outside the house.

Sikombe added that when he came home at 19:30 hours he found the door locked and that it was a child who opened for him adding that after he looked the grill door and went to bath Joyce came at 22 hours and just left a situation he said she was even attacked.

In defence, Joyce said that problems started when Sikombe found another woman where he at one time spent four nights.

She denied drinking beer or sniffing sunko and said that she came home late because she took K10 for ‘chilimba’, adding that she avoided Sikombe by moving away when she found the door locked for he likes beating her outside the house.

“If Sikombe is divorcing me he should find where I should stay with children because I am pregnant,’’ said Joyce.

The court said that Joyce was a woman and she should not be

It however noted that since Sikombe wanted to divorce it could not force him to remain in the marriage and granted divorced to the couple.

Sikombe was ordered to compensate Joyce with K8000 and an initial payment of K1, 000 to be paid this month end followed by monthly installments of K300.

Sikombe was further ordered to be paying children maintenance fee of K500 per month. Households acquired together to be shared equally.

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