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THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a 19 year old footballer of Lusaka’s Kuku compound to compensate a woman with K8, 000 for eloping with her daughter.

Madalitso Tembo sued Newton Chileshe for keeping her daughter without her knowledge and consequently impregnating her.

 She told senior local court magistrate Martha Tembo that Chileshe should compensate her for his actions.

“When he got my child last year, I had no idea where she was. I sent people to look for her and later found out she was with Chileshe,

“Bwalya told me she was pregnant and she stayed with him for four months and came back home telling me she chased him. She told me he impregnated someone elsewhere,” Tembo said

Tembo said Chileshe’s mother who agreed for a meeting but never showed up.

“This boy started coming again trying to take my child. Every time my child disappears from home I know she’s with him. He’s always getting her and chasing her,

“She no longer listens to me because of him. She only turned 16 this year. He spoilt her. Instead of being a school girl, she’s now a spoilt kid,” Tembo said.

In defence Chileshe told the court that he stayed with Tembo’s daughter for only four months.

He however denied stealing her from her mother and said she followed him on her own.

“I impregnated her child last year. One day she told me she’s going to visit her mother who wanted her to abort. She told me her mother put medicine in her tea so she lost the child. This month she came back to me and told me her mother chased her,

“I called her relatives to tell them she was with me. I went to Kabwe for some time. My mum called me telling me the girl was a problem. I told her it would be okay if she went back to her mother because she was no longer carrying my child,” he said.

Upon Chileshe’s own admission that he stayed with Tembo’s daughter for some time and impregnated her, Magistrate Tembo ordered him to compensate her with K8, 000.

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